Entry #7

Rogue Legacy, Greenlight, and You!

2013-04-17 16:45:05 by CellarDoorGames

Greetings to all our fans!

We're super excited to announce that our latest game, Rogue Legacy, is ready for public consumption.

Or at least, it would be if we could get the game passed Steam Greenlight. And that's why we're making a shout-out to all our fans, asking for their help. In order to get the game on Steam, we need your votes to approve the game on Greenlight. It would mean the world to us if we could get your support and your vote. A lot of 'em are needed so every single one counts!

About our latest game, Rogue Legacy. It's a procedurally-generated Castlevania type game, with what we call "rogue-lite" elements and pretty cool ancestry system. But rather than us blabbing on about it, why not check out the trailer on our Greenlight page instead?

http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetail s/?id=136969358

Rogue Legacy, Greenlight, and You!


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2013-06-26 03:57:37

I forgot where but i heard and seen the gameplay but, i'm broke so i'll just say hi and i hope you guys succeed !


2013-09-06 03:24:01

The second I see the Linux version come out, I'm buying this game. Saw it played on game grumps and thought it was cool as shit. Also, don't shit your pants is awesome. Thanks for making cool stuff.


2013-09-06 05:06:29

Great game!


2013-10-03 21:13:42

i love this game. when game grumps said it was by the guys who made don't take a shit, i looked up don't take a shit, which led me to quantum translocator, which led me to gamestop to get steam money to buy this game.
i love it. keep doing this.
also add coop c:


2014-01-16 21:25:30

I just love this game.
I'm already at level 134. Killed first three bosses.

Thank you for such a great game.


2014-05-14 22:14:43

I beat NG+ 4,5, and 6 on one life. I love this game.


2016-08-17 19:14:44

we miss you celar door games!